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Samsung is working on a Night Sight response called Bright Night
The code found in the latest build of Android Pie for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 suggests that the company is working on a new night mode called Bright Night, reports XDA-Developers. The code says that it will allow you to "take bright pictures even in very dark conditions,” which is similar to the functionality that we saw in Google night vision mode and Huawei night mode.

Considering how Samsung likes to debut new photography features with every flagship phone, XDA assumes the company is going to do the same with Bright Night and the upcoming Galaxy S10, which is expected to be released in late February 2019. Samsung released a new scene optimizer technology with Note 9 in August, following the addition of super slow motion in S9. After their initial releases, both technologies were later transferred to older phones, which explains how this code originated in the assembly of Note 9, when its announcement is expected along with S10.

Text in the code assumes that the mode will work in the same way as Night Sight, taking several pictures and using software to combine them. The method has already given excellent results for Pixel 3.

When we compared the S9 with the Pixel 2 XL earlier this year, the wider aperture of the S9 showed an advantage in the details in low light, but the software processing of the Pixel 2 provided more contrast and dynamic range. Depending on how well it is implemented, Bright Night can help Samsung bridge this gap in software quality with its competitors.

The Galaxy S10 is already preparing to become a much more fundamental revision for Samsung after the iterative changes we saw with S9. In various messages about the phone, it is claimed that it will have a built-in fingerprint sensor, up to six cameras and a perforated Infinity O display, and now it looks like its camera is also ready for updating.