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Two years ago, Motorola Moto Z Play stood out for one specific reason: it provided exceptional battery life thanks to an efficient processor and a large battery. This was also part of the first wave of Motorola compatible with Moto Mod phones, so if you want to extend battery life, you can slam the battery mod on the back and continue to work for several days - literally. Z Play was not the perfect phone for any level of imagination, but its durability and average price more than compensate for its block design, slower performance and so-so camera. It was a phone that I could not hold, despite its many flaws.

But after two years and two generations of Moto Z3 Play phones costing $ 499.99 (or $ 449.99 for the exclusive version of Amazon) lost almost all the charm of the original. The price is higher, the battery life is much worse, and it still has a mid-level processor and so-so camera. The Z3 Play was equipped with a large screen with a trendy 18: 9 aspect ratio, and it is still compatible with all the same mods that the first model could use. (Motorola even releases a battery mod in the box with the Z3 Play for free). It is much thinner and sleeker than the original model, but the fingerprint sensor is in a less convenient place, and the 3.5 mm headphone jack has disappeared.

Moreover, Z3 Play, like many other Motorola-compatible mod phones, beyond the original Z Play, feels that it exists solely to support the mod platform and provide a 2018 device that can use existing motorcycle mods. A thinner design means that the battery has a smaller capacity, which forces you to use the mod to extend its life. A single front speaker doesn't sound as good as a modern device with two stereo speakers, which forces you to use the speaker mod to enhance the output. This is a phone that exists for accessories.


Sleek design and superb build quality
Large software add-ons
Works with Verizon, Sprint, AT & T and T-Mobile
Slim design leaves little room for battery or headphones
Fingerprint scanner inconvenient to use
The battery life is below average, adding a mod makes the phone large and cumbersome
Buy for $ 499.99 from Motorola Buy for $ 449.99 from Amazon
The Z3 Play is definitely more modern than its block predecessor, and the higher screen fits into the rest of the phones that are available now. Display - OLED panel with a diagonal of 6 inches and 1080 pixels wide - saturated and saturated, with rich colors and wide viewing angles.

But the elegant design of the device is almost a mistake. Its thickness of less than 7 mm makes it one of the thinnest phones you can buy, but this leaves little room for the battery and obviously leaves no room for the headphone jack. It also makes Z3 Play uncomfortable to use when a mod is not connected to it. Like many phones currently available, the front and back of the phone are made of glass (in this case, Gorilla Glass 3) and are significant magnets for fingerprints. I like the dark, metallic blue of Play, but tough cookies, if you're not the only color that Motorola sells in Z3 Play.

To make room for a larger screen while maintaining the same overall size and shape as the previous Z phones (which ensures compatibility with the Moto Mod platform), Motorola had to move the fingerprint scanner from the front of the phone to the side. This is one of the most embarrassing things with the Z3 Play, since the smaller fingerprint scanner installed on the side is inconvenient to use. It is especially difficult to use when you hold the phone in your left hand (as I often do), which requires a clumsy grab to reach the scanner. Even more strange: Motorola did not integrate the power button into the scanner, so the Z3 Play on / off button is on the opposite side of any other phone. It is a pity that Motorola was unable to use a fingerprint scanner under the screen, which seems to be the ideal solution to limit the design constraints that Motorola has introduced into the modular platform.