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This is what folding phone cases will look like.
Companies involved in phone cases are already beginning to figure out what the case looks like for the coming wave of folding phones. Spigen is one of the first to develop a design, and he shared the layouts of the three products he plans to launch for Samsung's Galaxy Fold.

All enclosures have a similar design: the front covers protect the top and bottom panels of the 4.6-inch external display and the cutouts for the system with three rear-facing cameras. In total there will be three models - Tough Armor, Ultra Hybrid and Thin Fit - with varying degrees of protection - from a thick plastic case to a translucent package. All cases will cost around $ 20 and will mostly be made of plastic and silicone materials such as PC, TPU and PU.

Ultra Hybrid
Ultra Hybrid Spiegen
While external cases look relatively familiar, the key addition here is the hinge, which phone case manufacturers should not have considered in the past. It seems that every company that develops a folding phone has taken a different approach to the loop - Huawei’s Mate X is emerging, Motorola seems to be working on closing - while Samsung has acquired the form of a book that uses a hinge with several locking mechanisms on the inside. for folding. We still don’t know exactly how the developers of the cases developed the loop mechanics, but Spiegen’s mockups give a first look at how they handle this. In these cases, it would seem, just wrap outside.

It is also not clear what will be the history of the protection of the screen of the phone. Probably, many existing types of protective films will not work, and Samsung did not specify whether the Fold will come with a pre-installed protective film, like the Galaxy S10. But Samsung tells us that the display has been "tested and guaranteed for 200,000 folds,” which he estimates is five years of intensive use. Samsung also claims that its screen is "designed to withstand falls, scratches and, of course, bending without damaging.”

Thin landing
Slim fit spigen

Spignen Tough Armor
Zagg, another phone accessories company, tells us that it began developing covers for foldable phones, but was constrained by the fact that they did not yet have real phones. Zagg says that, given the difficulties of creating a completely new type of phone case, he waits to receive devices before commenting on any possible functional limitations that he may encounter.

Spigen chose a different approach. The company said that it usually works with models in the manufacture of covers for phones, and since Samsung described Galaxy Galaxy Fold measurements in detail, she was able to assemble a model to begin assembling covers.

Work began even before the phone was fully submitted. Developer Spigen says the company has created about 20 different prototypes to prepare for different options and opportunities: "We had to gather all the rumors and find as many sources as possible to analyze the new phone structure.”

The company had to consider what material would work best for its business to evolve. Spiegen says that the hinge for the Tough Armor body is made of "special structural construction for bending." Spiegen says he is still developing and testing his cases, but he intends to launch them in mid-April, around the time the Galaxy Raza goes on sale.