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The company behind the two-screen YotaPhone went bankrupt

We have been following the Russian YotaPhone since 2012, but it seems that the saga of a powerful two-screen phone with E Ink support has come to an end. Yota Devices went bankrupt, Cnews.ru and Liliputing reported, pointing to a notice of liquidation published in the Cayman Islands newspaper (PDF).

Poor sales delivered the company
According to Russian media reports, this was a lawsuit that eventually bankrupted the company. The manufacturer Yota for the first two phones YotaPhony Hi-P Singapore sued 126 million dollars in 2015, because YotaPhone, reportedly, refused to accept (and supposedly pay) the minimum number of phones that he agreed to order. (In 2016, The Financial Times reported that the first two YotaPhones phones were sold for only 75,000 units.) Hi-P agreed to take $ 17 million in return, but apparently this deal fell through.

In truth, in recent years, YotaPhone was not exactly what is related to the West or even to Russia. The company failed to send YotaPhone 2 to the United States in 2015, despite the fact that it achieved its goal of crowdfunding Indiegogo, and by the end of 2016 it also decided to leave Russia and Europe, transferring its operations to China.

With Chinese factories and Chinese investments, Yota, apparently, only ever finished selling the newest YotaPhone 3 in China, despite promises that it would appear in "Russia and other markets." However, YotaPhone 3 received the iF Design Award in 2018.

Now we probably never see another YotaPhone. But if you are interested in a multi-screen phone, a new wave of folding devices can fill this hole in your heart.

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