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The man who predicted Antennagate is no longer at Apple
In recent years, Apple has had a few public embarrassment — AirPower, the unreliable MacBook keyboard, and the iPhone slowdown saga — but since the advent of the Antennagate technology scandal, when the iPhone 4 tended, it took a minute to reject calls if you kept it in a certain way. .

Today The Information reports (and AppleInsider confirms) that Apple’s vice president of wireless technology engineer Ruben Caballero left the company, which is remarkable for several reasons.

First, The Information reports that it was the driving force behind Apple's 5G modem internal efforts - because yes, it seems that Apple is trying to develop its own 5G modem to compete with Qualcomm. We can't read too much about his passing, because 5G is now ridiculously confused and Apple is on the verge of a storm, so he could have many reasons to push him away or decide to move on.

According to Reuters, he may have actually lost his leadership role in January, when Apple shifted its efforts to create a modem to their homes, a few months before the unexpected settlement of Apple-Qualcomm, as a result of which Intel lost its chance at a location inside the first iPhone 5G. And in February, Apple, reportedly lured away the leader of 5G from Intel.

But secondly, Caballero turned out to be the same antenna expert, who reportedly warned Steve Jobs that the design of the iPhone 4 antenna may be inclined to skip calls, and since then it has obviously been rising. His LinkedIn page says that he has been with the company for more than 14 years, and the 2018 profile on CNET en Español suggests that since then he and his team have touched every wireless element of every Apple device.