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IPad Pro Review

When I first took the iPad Pro at an Apple event in September of this year, I could not help laughing. On the one hand, its size: it is big, just crazy. And with a price that easily rises to a thousand dollars, this is the most expensive iPad ever.

There is also the fact that Apple lay back again and watched others launch a new product category before rushing in and claiming it. The company did it with MP3 players, phablets, smart watches. Now he represented a powerful tablet PC with a stylus and an extra keyboard.

But after a few days of using the iPad Pro, I started to look at the iPad differently. The big tablet pretty much demanded it. I've always been a bit of a skeptic with the iPad, never realizing how people can use them all the time to improve performance, even with a connected Bluetooth keyboard. On the third day of working with the iPad Pro, I began to wonder: can this replace my MacBook?

This is a question that everyone asks. And although Apple says it's not going to do an iPad Pro with the intention of replacing a laptop, even Apple CEO Tim Cook suggested in a recent interview that this might be the case - why else would this massive iPad be? This is the same question that Microsoft has been trying to answer with Surface since 2012, but the results were mixed.

In any case, the iPad Pro is designed to change our perception of computers (or, at least, wrap up sales of the iPad) - which is not really funny.

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