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Samsung and Huawei end a multi-year patent battle

Samsung and Huawei agreed to settle a lengthy lawsuit, which resulted in the two companies fighting for patents on smartphones in more than 40 lawsuits, according to Nikkei, who reports that the settlement was reported in the local Chinese media. The terms of the settlement were not announced, but the companies seem to have reached a general agreement, which should bring them closer to an agreement on the cross-licensing of their patents. They will also reject all lawsuits against each other.

The settlement occurs as the smartphone industry is facing a number of changes. The phones will switch to 5G next year, and some smartphone makers are seeing shrinking supplies as they struggle to sell phones to markets already saturated with them. According to IDC, Huawei managed to avoid this trend - its shipments grew by 50 percent compared to last year in the first quarter of 2019, but Samsung did not. In combination with the losing side of this patent battle, the company may have had good reasons to settle.

Last month, Apple and Qualcomm also resolved their own lawsuit against the blockbuster, which also lasted for several years in different countries, fighting for patents on smartphones. In this case, it is likely that 5G was the motivating factor for resolution. Without a deal with Qualcomm, Apple risks falling behind at least a year from competitors in the transition to 5G.

The legal battle between Samsung and Huawei began in 2016, when Huawei sued Samsung for allegedly violating its LTE patents. Huawei began to see legitimate victories in China, where it is based, and both began to settle at least one legal battle earlier this year.

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