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OnePlus is one of those attractive companies that promise incredibly wonderful things. Flagship products at budget prices. The meticulous elegance of the iPhone at an affordable price for the Motorola middle class. This is a company that constantly flirts with the label "too good to be true", sometimes stating its high demands, and sometimes unable to justify its hype.

I like the new OnePlus 5T for many of the same reasons as the OnePlus itself. This device is filled with all the right ideas — hardware design, software responsiveness, and general ease of use — and if I was assigned the job of assembling the phone, my specification would look just like OnePlus 5T on paper. In practice, this phone is not the complete achievement of all the goals that OnePlus sets itself, and not every promise made by the company. But it is damn close. He takes an imperfect OnePlus 5 out of five months ago and fixes a lot of what bothered him. This is the most sophisticated phone OnePlus.

At a starting price of $ 499, the OnePlus 5T combines many of the most sought-after flagship features and specifications of 2017 in a design that is as beautiful and upscale as any competitor to the Galaxy S or iPhone. The cost is more than any OnePlus phone before, but in the current era of flagships from Samsung and Apple for $ 1000, this seems like a very fair price.
If you know me, you will find out how long I have been writing phone reviews and how difficult it is for me to find a new product. The OnePlus 5T is a rare device that made me stop and appreciate its excellent feeling when I unpacked it. The packaging is completely standard for OnePlus - this is not what it did - but the phone itself is so beautifully dominated by a 6-inch OLED display with neatly symmetrical front panels at the top and bottom, just holding the device together.

The meaning of the 5T design lies in efficiency and optimization, and comparing this new device with everything that was in previous versions of OnePlus, even with a five-month OnePlus 5, makes the old model inadequate. You may disagree, and you may think that I am too keenly responding to the fascination with the thin frame in which OnePlus is now involved, but I urge you to think about this for several months. Phones with a thin frame will quickly capture the market, and anyone who is stuck on a device with a thick frame will feel out of curve. Today, the OnePlus 5T looks great, and I can confidently say that it will look modern and fresh in a year.

One Plus Phone
One Plus Phone
Moving the fingerprint sensor from the front to the back of the phone was a complete triumph. Covered with smooth ceramics, the reader is located exactly where you find it on Google Pixels and the LG G6 and V30: horizontally centered and a third down. I believe that it is ideal for use and reliable, but for those situations where you may still need access to the phone without removing it from the table to identify yourself, OnePlus also added a new face unlock feature in 5T. I found that Face Unlock is both amazing and frustrated, like most other face identification systems. (More on this later.) It is important that OnePlus dismissed the complaint, while still complying with the Face ID iPhone X specifications.

After the LG V30, which I reviewed last month, the OnePlus 5T was the second phone I had the pleasure of working with a 6-inch screen embedded in a 5.5-inch handset. The 5T is hardly larger than its predecessor, the OnePlus 5, which means that it is large, but not overwhelmingly. One-handed use of the 6-inch phone still sounds futuristic to me, but the V30, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, and now the OnePlus 5T did it all (even if the aspect ratio of 18: 9 violates the screen size a bit in math).