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Fitbit’s next Versa smartwatch leaks with Alexa and OLED display
was the company’s best smartwatch yet, but it still lagged behind the category leader — the Apple Watch — in a few key ways. But leaks for the next-generation Versa have arrived, courtesy of noted leaker Evan Blass, and it’s bringing some big updates for the line, including an updated design, new AMOLED display, and support for Amazon’s Alexa assistant that should help Fitbit compete better with the Apple Watch.

The biggest change seems to be the design of the display, which is switching from the Fitbit-branded LCD display on the original Versa to a new AMOLED panel that should blend pretty seamlessly with the black bezel surrounding it (aided by the fact that Fitbit seems to finally have removed the Fitbit logo that used to be on the bottom of the display).

Also new is a curved, 2.5D glass cover and updated case design that makes the already very Apple Watch-esque Versa look even more like Apple’s smartwatch (although the bezels still appear to be far larger than Apple’s recently slimmed down design). There’s also just a single button on the new Versa, instead of the three featured on the old model.

The other notable addition — based on the leak, at least — is support for Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, which should help Fitbit catch up to competitors like Apple (with Siri) and Google (with Assistant).

Other things seem to be about the same: the new Versa will still feature Fitbit’s PurePulse heart rate sensor, charge over a proprietary inductive cable, support the company’s Fitbit Pay payment system, and offer 50 meters of water resistance.

Fitbit has yet to formally announce the new Versa, so it’s possible that there are other big changes in store on the software side, too. Given the company’s focus on fitness tracking, it seems like a safe bet that the new device will feature some sort of improvements there, too, although obviously there’s no real way to tell just from the leaked photos. Presumably, though, with such a prominent leak out in the open, it won’t be long before we get an official announcement from the company.