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High-Tech Storage Solutions for Your Smart Home

While we may still be a few years away from the automated, outfit-matching closet in "Clueless," we are not completely bereft of clever clothing storage devices—meet the Laundroid. The ultimate in form meets functionality, the stylish Laundroid is a connected standing closet with a host of useful features. Users simply insert freshly laundered clothes into the Laundroid, and the machine will automatically fold the garments and store them on separate shelves for each member of the family. Not only will the Laundroid memorize who wears what in your household, but via the accompanying app and internal cameras, owners can keep track of what is available at any given moment and receive suggestions on which garments to pair to form the optimal outfit—so not too far from the glorious "Clueless" future after all.

The Laundroid is priced at $16,000. More information on the closet-meets-butler bot can be found at laundroid.sevendreamers.com.