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    When I showed the ThinkPad X1 Extreme to some of my friends, they were puzzled. "Why is that red joystick still there?” "I thought Lenovo only makes school computers now?” And I can’t blame them. An all-black carbon fiber / graphite exterior, few branding details, and the keyboard /
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    Today, in an interview with CNN Business, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella defended the company's multi-million dollar Pentagon contract for the supply of augmented reality headsets. Last week, dozens of employees publicly criticized the same contract and urged the company to end its
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    Earlier this month, CNet and 9to5Mac reported that a number of Adobe Premiere CC users had an alarming problem with the program: in some cases, an error seemed to cause the speakers to fall on the latest MacBook Pro models. This week, Adobe released a patch for the program that
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    In the US, Presidents Day will be held on Monday, February 18 Banks will be closed, like some other shops and institutions, so check before you go camping if you have a day off. However, the largest retailers, such as Best Buy, Walmart and Target, work around the clock, and we see
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    The latest Blade Stealth from Razer features a new design, more power and some necessary improvements. These changes can turn the company's least interesting notebook into its most versatile. The Blade Stealth is the smallest, lightest and most inexpensive Razer laptop for as
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      This fall, Walmart began selling its own gaming PCs with the Overpowered brand, including desktop and portable. The devices were designed and manufactured in partnership with Esports Arena, which operates the first specialized eSports scene in North America. It may
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    Razer wants you to consider the entry-level Blade 15 laptop as a more accessible introduction to the world of thin and light slot machines with a starting price of $ 1,599 — a thousand dollars cheaper than the version I liked this summer. To sweeten the proposed deal - unlike the
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    Google distributed a private application that tracked how people use their iPhones, in much the same way as Facebook - and got into trouble. The Google app, which TechCrunch is reporting today, rewards users with gift cards for allowing Google to collect information about their use
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    New York State Attorney General Leticia James began an investigation into the circumstances of Apple’s recent FaceTime error. The error that allowed callers to listen and watch through the phone’s camera before the call was received became publicly available on Monday, and since
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    Warby Parker has a new update out for its iPhone app that uses Apple’s Face ID and AR tech to let customers virtually try on glasses in the app before they buy them. There are plenty of apps and websites that let you overlay a pair of glasses on your face, but Warby Parker is