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    When you think about the weaknesses of the Mac platform, a couple of obvious areas come to mind. One is undoubtedly gaming. Despite the fact that Steam appeared on Mac in 2010, Windows remains in first place in terms of the number of games released. Games that come up on macOS often
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    Microsoft controllers for Xbox One cost $ 37.17 at Walmart and Amazon. This is more than $ 20 off their regular price and just a few dollars below the lowest price we have ever seen. Moreover, this discount is available for a newer model, which can also connect to devices other than
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    Nintendo has the infamous Switch Voice Chat system, which requires most gamers to use a separate smartphone application to actually chat with friends on the Internet, which leads to horrible, hacked solutions, such as the Hori headphone splitter, just for work. But today everything
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    Electronic Arts said today that its next Star Wars game, to be called Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, will come out this fall. The company had previously set 2019 as the release window for the story-focused game, which is in development with EA-owned studio and Titanfall creator