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29-03-2019, 18:34 doc 429 0
    Of the many new products that Apple has announced over the last couple of weeks, none of them has been more hotly anticipated than the second-generation AirPods. Still, the new AirPods are the least new product introduced by Apple this month. The new AirPods look so much like
27-03-2019, 18:54 doc 376 0
    Microsoft has started deploying an update for Windows 7 that will notify existing users when support is complete. The software maker stops supporting Windows 7 on January 14, 2020, and now it is starting to warn about this end date. Microsoft uses a notification to alert Windows 7
26-03-2019, 19:47 doc 467 0
    Tim Cook went on stage with a new sophistication, explaining why Apple services are different. Of course, they are intuitive, and the usual Cupertino bustle is in the details, but the important moment came at the end. "They are designed to ensure the privacy and security of your
26-03-2019, 19:01 doc 4 771 0
    In July last year, Sony announced a new intriguing sensor camera smartphone. The IMX586 model has a width of 48 megapixels and half an inch, it is larger than the majority of mobile sensors on the market, and provides a much greater resolution than its competitors, despite the fact
26-03-2019, 18:34 doc 5 769 0
    At today's launch event for the Huawei P30 Pro, the company announced that it is working with Korean fashion brand Gentle Monster to release its first smart glasses. Gentle Monster is a luxury glasses company that is popular throughout Asia. Known for their experimental
21-03-2019, 18:24 doc 478 0
    The latest 15-inch Dell XPS 2-in-1 laptop is a high-quality laptop that attracts creative users: people who need power and portability, and can also appreciate the touch screen and stylus. It plays in the same field as the HP Specter x360 15, Microsoft Surface Book 2 and Apple’s
21-03-2019, 16:21 doc 1 615 0
    Honor 10 Lite, the latest budget smartphone from the Huawei sub-brand, makes a bad first impression. It suffers from spam notifications, is associated with aggressive battery management settings and puts its face detection software forward and to the center, despite the fact that
21-03-2019, 14:37 doc 721 0
    Over the past three years, OnePlus was unconditionally considered the champion of the "Android-phone of the flagship class at an average price.” Fast work, tons of specifications and respect for the client's wallet brought this company loyal and passionate followers. But in 2019
21-03-2019, 08:11 doc 976 0
    When next iPhones will be presented next month, I will finally be able to give up my iPhone 6, on which I spilled water. (I was too cheap to pay for repairs.) I’m sure that I’m not alone, although you’re probably not as clumsy as I am. If you have an iPhone in the last year or three
20-03-2019, 04:55 doc 668 0
    Tesla postponed the planned price increase for all its cars by 3 percent until midnight on Wednesday, because she had problems with the processing of the order flow at the last moment, the company said on Twitter on Tuesday morning. "Due to the unusually large volume, Tesla