Is this an Android tablet with a keyboard, mouse and pen? Well, this is still an Android tablet. Galaxy Tab S4 is a new flagship 10.5-inch tablet, which Samsung targets people who need a device that is lighter than an ultrabook, but at the same time has a keyboard and a pen.

Samsung has done everything possible to turn the Galaxy Tab S4 into a "real” computer, although it is still running Android 8.1. This strategy is based on providing a Tab S4 desktop-style environment with separate windows and improved multitasking called Samsung DeX.

But turning an Android tablet into a hybrid is not cheap — at least according to the usual standards of Android tablets. Prices for the Wi-Fi version of the Tab S4 start at $ 649, including the S Pen. However, the keyboard costs an additional $ 149. Thus, the total cost of installation is $ 800, which is $ 10 less than a 10.5-inch iPad Pro with an Apple smart keyboard (no Apple Pencil).

You can also connect a Bluetooth mouse if you already have one to complete the work with DeX. (And, as you will see, you need it.)
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Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Review: Surface Buff

About two years ago, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will be compatible with ARM processors, including the Qualcomm Snapdragon chip line, which can be found in mobile phones. At that time, I wrote that it gave Microsoft an excellent opportunity to create the perfect Surface Pro: thin, light, always connected via built-in LTE and with a lot of battery life. Since then, Microsoft has released several new Surface computers, including models with integrated LTE, but it has yet to release a computer with an ARM processor instead of more power-intensive Intel processors.

This is where the new Galaxy Book 2 from Samsung will appear. Galaxy Book 2 for $ 999 is essentially the same computer as Microsoft’s popular Surface Pro: a tablet with a detachable keyboard and pen that fully supports Windows 10. But Book 2 is also one of the new PCs with a permanent connection, which run on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 processor.

On paper, Book 2 is the Surface Pro I was looking for: an always-connected ultraportable computer that will work more than a day from an outlet. But, as is often the case, what is on paper does not always coincide with reality.


Slim and lightweight design
Long battery life
Integrated LTE
Keyboard and pen included
Windows 10 on ARM still has compatibility issues
4 GB of RAM limits
The processor is not powerful enough for demanding work
At first glance, the Galaxy Book 2 is almost no different from Microsoft Surface Pro. This is a thin tablet with a built-in stepless footrest, a keyboard that magnetically attaches to the bottom, and a touch-sensitive writing and drawing pen. Book 2 is about the same size as the Surface Pro, down to its weight of 1.75 pounds (without a keyboard).

A distinctive feature of the display is that the Book 2 has a 12-inch 3: 2 OLED touch screen (with the Samsung Super AMOLED logo), which has a pixel density and color. It also becomes bright enough to use the tablet outdoors. The screen is slightly smaller than the Surface Pro, but I did not notice the difference in size, as I noticed the giant frames that surround it, which are much larger than the already large Pro panels.

Other differences can be found on the sides, where Book 2 has two USB-C ports, each of which can be used to charge a computer, and a fingerprint scanner in the upper right corner behind the screen. I prefer the face recognition camera rather than the fingerprint scanner to enter the laptop, but this is fast and reliable.

Samsung has equipped the Book 2 AKG speakers with side pitch, which sound quite subtle and smooth. They work well for conferencing, but using them while watching a video or listening to music is not very pleasant.

The kit includes a full-size keyboard with illuminated keys and a large trackpad. It's a good keyboard that is easy to type, but its plastic finish is not nearly as good as the Alcantara keyboards available for Surface Pro. However, Microsoft does not include its keyboard, which costs an additional $ 159 on top of the Surface.

The same can be said about the S Pen stylus included in Book 2: it is a completely functional touch-sensitive stylus, complete with an eraser on the back, which is not as good as the Microsoft Surface Pen for $ 99, but Samsung includes it in kit,

In general, the hardware of Book 2 is best described as competent: there are no serious flaws or obvious problems, but the fit and finish of materials is a step or two below what Microsoft offers. Considering the price difference between devices (equipped with an LTE Surface Pro with a pen and keyboard will cost hundreds more dollars), much of this can be justified in favor of Book 2.
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Overwatch 30th hero Baptiste is here to shake things up

Team shooter Blizzard Overwatch today is entering a major milestone with the official introduction of Baptiste, the 30th hero of the game. Baptiste is an auxiliary character who is called a "combat medic”, who uses many gadgets to help his team in battle. This includes a device called the field of immortality, which prevents the death of nearby allies, healing grenades and the ultimate ability of Batista, described as "a matrix that doubles the damage and healing effects of friendly projectiles that pass through it." Disclosure takes place in a few days. tease including a short trailer yesterday.

Baptist joins the ever-growing composition of characters for the colorful shooter; Last year, they were joined by Brigitte, a well-armed engineer, a Wild West shooter named Ash and the beloved hamster Wrecking Ball. According to the main character designer Jeff Goodman, the concept of Baptiste began around the idea of ​​the character "gadget healer".

"We played with different gameplay concepts around deploying gadgets / devices as a way to support and heal your team,” Goodman tells The Verge. "From the point of view of pure gameplay, this hero was created to provide players with support for new features and gameplay to support their team, as well as attract players who may not often play in support."

Baptiste joins the crowded field of Overwatch characters, and Goodman admits that this is a "growing problem” - to come up with new characters who feel special. "We are always wary of the fact that the characters overlap too much and don’t feel unique enough to stand on their own,” he says. However, the designer believes that Baptista’s unique healing abilities combined with his combat skills - which include "accurate three-shot shooting” as the main weapon - should provide players with many new strategic opportunities.

Right now in the high-level game Overwatch a special composition dominates, which combines three tank-absorbing tank characters and a trio of healing supports. She is known as the "goats” and is currently especially prevalent in the League of Guards. Interestingly, Goodman does not see that Baptist is particularly well suited to this composition; instead, the new support hero may shake a little.

"I think we’ll see Baptist play with Ana for inflicting damage with greater range and increasing damage,” Goodman says. "Ana can also shoot through her" gain matrix ”and receive both accelerated treatment and enhanced damage, depending on who she hits. I also think that it is quite possible that we will see Baptista paired up with Bastion, which can be very scary when you can win him precious time with the "field of immortality” and increase his already terrible damage using the "gain matrix” .

(Goodman says the development team "has an open line of communication with [professional] players, which can help them understand their view of the game. Ultimately, we develop heroes for everyone and hope that players of all levels will like to play" them. " )

Regarding how Baptiste fits into the constantly evolving knowledge of Overwatch, Blizzard describes him as a former soldier with a tragic childhood who was forced to join the notorious Talon mercenary group. But when he realized that there was nothing good with the group, he had problems with leaving. In Blizzard:

A claw will not let him go. Baptiste knew too much, and they sent operatives after him to silence him. The agent for agent came for him, including the former comrades of Baptista. To stay under the radar, Baptist moved from place to place, helping in humanitarian efforts around the world. Those few members of the Claw who managed to find him, have never seen. Now Baptist seeks for a better world, healing where he can, and fighting when he should. He knows that he cannot cancel his past, but what is important now is what is needed.
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