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29-04-2019, 06:37 doc 306 0
    I'm in hell of productivity. Last week, I used Samsung's Galaxy Tab S3 to read Twitter, write to Slack, and write articles for this site. Tab S3 is able to do all these things - in some cases it is even able to do them quite well - but it is not capable of doing them somewhere
27-04-2019, 18:19 doc 773 0
    My favorite phone, released this year, does not have the highest performance, does not have the best camera and is worse than the average battery life. He also has an extra button for a virtual assistant that I cannot reprogram with something more useful, and he has the worst name
17-04-2019, 04:14 doc 537 0
    If you are looking for a new 2019 phone with many features, the LG G8 ThinQ will be on your list. Compared to something like Google Pixel 3, a purposefully simple phone, the LG G8 is on the opposite side of the spectrum. It is full of experimental software tuning and hardware
14-04-2019, 05:49 doc 532 0
    Google and Huawei have tentatively agreed to settle a class action lawsuit from Nexus 6P users, who claim that their devices have a download problem, which resulted in an accidental disconnection of the phones, regardless of battery level. Until court approval, companies will be
12-04-2019, 18:30 doc 765 0
    Facebook can return Messenger chats to its main social networking app. This feature is currently being tested and seen by application researcher Jane Munchoon Wong, and this means that you can use one application to access both the social networking platform and the messaging
8-04-2019, 18:19 doc 791 0
    This month, BlackBerry began shipping its second Android phone: DTEK50. Unlocked for $ 300 (and supported by AT & T and T-Mobile in the USA), it solves the Priv revaluation problem and contains all the same enhanced security features and reliable software updates. But in
8-04-2019, 02:59 doc 528 0
    There are two types of pills. On the one hand, you have expensive, iPad and Galaxy Notes, designed to either replace your computer, or at least be a really amazing assistant. If you want this, you have to pay for them: usually $ 400 or more. However, not everyone wants to
4-04-2019, 05:41 doc 369 0
    Samsung confirmed yesterday that the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus will come preloaded with screen protection. But if you are not the type of screen protector, you can be at ease, knowing that the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor on both phones can withstand a lot of scratches and still
4-04-2019, 05:11 doc 258 0
    Samsung is considering creating a camera with an optical zoom in the upcoming stylus, in accordance with the patent first discovered by Patently Mobile. According to the patent that was filed in February 2017 and issued yesterday, the stylus can wirelessly send any images back to
3-04-2019, 12:37 doc 680 0
    When you first take and open the Acer Spin 7 laptop, you will probably be pleasantly surprised. This very thin, well-designed laptop does not try to surprise you with its design - instead, it is modest. It looks like the platonic ideal of a Windows 10 touchscreen notebook: simple,