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20-05-2019, 07:08 doc 539 0
    Although technically this is not the first time we see the insides of the currently deferred Samsung Galaxy Fold, the analysis of the iFixit folding device is absolutely the most informed and detailed of all that we have seen. Following the publication of our reasoning about the
20-05-2019, 06:43 doc 797 0
    Samsung and Huawei agreed to settle a lengthy lawsuit, which resulted in the two companies fighting for patents on smartphones in more than 40 lawsuits, according to Nikkei, who reports that the settlement was reported in the local Chinese media. The terms of the settlement were not
19-05-2019, 08:46 doc 247 0
    When I first took the iPad Pro at an Apple event in September of this year, I could not help laughing. On the one hand, its size: it is big, just crazy. And with a price that easily rises to a thousand dollars, this is the most expensive iPad ever. There is also the fact that
17-05-2019, 18:02 doc 739 0
    In recent years, Apple has had a few public embarrassment — AirPower, the unreliable MacBook keyboard, and the iPhone slowdown saga — but since the advent of the Antennagate technology scandal, when the iPhone 4 tended, it took a minute to reject calls if you kept it in a certain
17-05-2019, 07:54 doc 393 0
    This is the future of ultra-portable laptops: a machine capable of 3D-editing and Photoshop, without bending under pressure and not giving up anything in portability. Everything about the Asus ZenBook Flip 14 looks and sounds standard for a 2-in-1 laptop - a slim case, a powerful
16-05-2019, 18:29 doc 361 0
    We have been following the Russian YotaPhone since 2012, but it seems that the saga of a powerful two-screen phone with E Ink support has come to an end. Yota Devices went bankrupt, Cnews.ru and Liliputing reported, pointing to a notice of liquidation published in the Cayman Islands
15-05-2019, 12:06 doc 563 0
    Samsung announced two new mid-range phones in the Galaxy A, A30 and A50 series. Phones were first discovered on the Samsung website in India, and it looks like invitations were sent to a press conference in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Calcutta on February 28th. This is Samsung's push
15-05-2019, 08:17 doc 3 345 0
    Companies involved in phone cases are already beginning to figure out what the case looks like for the coming wave of folding phones. Spigen is one of the first to develop a design, and he shared the layouts of the three products he plans to launch for Samsung's Galaxy Fold.
11-05-2019, 17:15 doc 3 728 0
    Two years ago, Motorola Moto Z Play stood out for one specific reason: it provided exceptional battery life thanks to an efficient processor and a large battery. This was also part of the first wave of Motorola compatible with Moto Mod phones, so if you want to extend battery life,
9-05-2019, 04:11 doc 1 666 0
    Samsung Galaxy Fold is already here - and it is already breaking. Nilay Patel from Verge, Dieter Bon and Paul Miller tell the first impressions of the new Samsung phone. Later, they discuss the end of the feud and lawsuits between Apple and Qualcomm, Sony PlayStation 5, as well as