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    Fitbit needs a win. For several years, it was the clear leader in wearables, but its transition to smartwatches has been bumpy: the Fitbit Ionic didn’t sell as well as expected, and Apple has now slid back into the top spot in the global wearables market. Fitbit has insisted that
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    Before you upgrade your Mac desktop or laptop to macOS Catalina, which will arrive later in 2019, there’s something that you should consider first: if you use 32-bit apps, they won’t work on the new macOS update. When Catalina arrives later in 2019, it will support 64-bit apps
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    In an ideal world your smartphone becomes a Swiss Army knife, handling dozens of different tasks that used to require specialized hardware. It can be your camcorder, your heart rate monitor, and in the case of Parrot’s Bebop drone, a flight controller. This mass market