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30-09-2019, 18:28 doc 283 0
    Spotify is finally gaining the ability to play songs, albums, and playlists via Siri. The latest beta versions of Spotify include this support, and The Verge has been able to test playing songs via Siri on the latest iOS 13.1 update. It’s part of new capabilities that Apple has
30-09-2019, 18:01 doc 811 0
    German officials have shut down a criminal web hosting service that was operating out of a former NATO bunker, according to a report from The Associated Press. A DUTCH MAN PURCHASED BUNKER IN 2013 According to the report, investigators tracked down a Dutch man who bought the
30-09-2019, 09:57 doc 616 0
    About three years ago, I was shopping for a Chromebook to take on a business trip — I wanted something lightweight enough to carry around all day and inexpensive enough that I wouldn’t mind as much when I spilled coffee on the keyboard. I was considering two different models when a
27-09-2019, 07:34 doc 395 0
    Microsoft is enabling Google’s Assistant to work with its Xbox One console. Much like the existing Alexa integration, Microsoft is allowing Google Assistant to launch games and apps, turn the console on and off, pause videos, and much more. You’ll need to use the Google Assistant
27-09-2019, 07:09 doc 479 0
    After weeks of drip-feeding information, the OnePlus TV has finally been announced for real. It’s a 55-inch TV with a QLED panel, as we knew, and OnePlus says it has a "sleek minimalist design” with a "nearly bezel-less screen.” So it’s a TV, then. The OnePlus TV offers
26-09-2019, 17:10 doc 660 0
    I spend a lot of time on Twitch — for my job, yes, but also because I love watching streamers. Over the last few months, though, I’ve been trying to diversify what I watch there. I want to see smaller creators, more art and music, and some talk shows and podcasts. I know all of that
26-09-2019, 10:36 doc 1 118 0
    Anker announced six new sets of wireless earbuds at its event today in NYC. Notably, each new model supports USB-C fast charging, and most of them cost less than $100 — even if by just a dollar. The stars of its 2019 lineup are the Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro (pictured above) and
24-09-2019, 15:04 damba 440 0
    Facebook says it has suspended tens of thousands of apps as part of an investigation it launched in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica data harvesting scandal. The suspended apps were associated with about 400 developers, it said. Facebook said not all the apps posed a threat
24-09-2019, 12:48 damba 463 0
    Google has said it will let its human reviewers listen to audio recordings made by its virtual assistant only if users give it fresh permission to do so. The company said the option had always been opt-in but it had not been explicit enough that people were involved in
22-09-2019, 17:46 doc 1 361 0
    The United States continues its slow march toward 4K live sports, with Fox Sports rolling out live 4K streaming for its upcoming Thursday Night Football games, starting with September 26th’s Philadelphia Eagles / Green Bay Packers game. Fox will be offering "4K” streams of