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  Apple’s iOS 13 update may have been riddled with bugs over the course of its first few weeks post-release, but that hasn’t had a meaningful impact on user adoption. According to the company, more than 50 percent of all iPhones were running iOS 13 just 26 days after launch. That’s slower than
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  Today, Google announced the Pixelbook Go, its first new laptop in two years. It starts at a modest $649, which is cheaper than the $999 Pixelbook, but that smaller price comes with some tradeoffs. Though the Go has a touchscreen, you can’t flip the that screen all the way around into tablet
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    SpaceX CEO Elon Musk would like his Starship spacecraft to make it to orbit in six months, he said during an evening presentation on September 28. The event seemed aimed squarely at fans, with little new information and a lot of SpaceX history. "This is going to sound totally
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      Today, at its October hardware event, Google announced its second-generation Pixel Buds earbuds, the follow-up to the original Pixel Buds, which came out in 2017. The new Pixel Buds have a reengineered fit and are true wireless earbuds, coming in at $179. The new
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  With Apple TV Plus set to arrive next month, Apple is making sure Roku owners will be ready to stream its original programming. Today, the Apple TV app is launching for Roku streaming players and Roku TVs. The app will be available from Roku’s Channel Store when it goes live. It’s a free
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  The buzz had been building for a few weeks and within hours of their launch, these new "premium quality" wireless earphones were already causing quite a sensation. Acclaimed by even the most demanding tech-lovers, these "premium quality" wireless earphones are selling out fast.
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  First announced back in June, Walmart’s InHome Delivery service is now available for over 1 million customers in three US cities: Kansas City, Missouri; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Vero Beach, Florida. The service allows Walmart’s camera-equipped "associates” to enter your home and deliver
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  The Google Pixel 3A is already a great value for $399, but it’s currently $50 less than usual at a bunch of retailers. Google’s Pixel lineup isn’t the easiest to suss out if you’re unfamiliar, and it’s about to get a little more complicated next week when the Pixel 4 is announced. The
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  When 22 women sued independent label Girls Do Porn in June for allegedly manipulating them into performing sex acts for a global audience, it wasn’t enough for giant adult video site Pornhub to stop promoting Girls Do Porn as an official "Content Partner” and profiting from the arrangement.
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    Last August, Google released its first two Titan security keys, which can be used as ultra secure methods of two-factor authentication for some online services over USB-A, NFC, or Bluetooth. Now, Google says it’s adding a new USB-C key to the lineup, which will be available tomorrow