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Sony has officially stopped producing the PS Vita
PlayStation Vita officially completed. Sony announced that it had ceased production of the last two models of portable game consoles on the Vita product page (via Polygon).

Launched in 2011, Vita never gained worldwide popularity, falling victim to growing competition from smartphone apps, selling only 16.1 million devices, far from the PlayStation Portable that preceded it, and from Switch from Nintendo, which followed by him.

The letter was on the wall for Vita for a while - while a fun and fancy platform for indie games, the audience and the main publishers simply did not keep up with the device. Sony said it will complete production of the device in 2019, and that it does not have plans to release a portable portable device when it is released, and that it will stop producing physical game cards for the device at the end of the fiscal year 2018. Year - March 31, 2019