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Tesla is delaying price increases due to the "unusually large volume" of orders at the last minute

Tesla postponed the planned price increase for all its cars by 3 percent until midnight on Wednesday, because she had problems with the processing of the order flow at the last moment, the company said on Twitter on Tuesday morning.

"Due to the unusually large volume, Tesla could not process all orders by midnight on Monday, so a slight increase in car prices was postponed until midnight on Wednesday," the company writes.

On February 28, Tesla announced a decrease in prices for all models by 6 percent after it decided to close most of its stores and switch to the Internet-only sales model. The company said it made these changes to reduce operating costs, which eventually allowed Tesla to start accepting orders for the Model 3 version worth $ 35,000, which it had promised since the car’s debut in March 2016.

This decision caused discontent among customers around the world who recently bought cars at a higher price, and also caused confusion among the staff of many stores of the company.

Two weeks later, the company changed course and stopped closing stores after a "thorough evaluation of each Tesla outlet”. The decision to leave many of its seats open, while maintaining sales on the Internet, meant that the company had to raise prices again, this time by 3. percent (with the exception of the $ 3 35,000 model). Tesla CEO Ilon Musk spent the last week, occasionally reminding his 25 million followers on Twitter that prices are coming up.

"A reminder of the purchase of our S3XY cars before Monday midnight! On Tuesday, prices are rising a bit worldwide, ”he wrote over the weekend.

Last week, Tesla announced the compact SUV Model Y, a larger version of the Model 3, which will cost $ 47,000 when it goes on sale in 2020. In 2021, a version worth $ 39,000 will be released. The company is already taking pre-orders for a new car. and it says that 3 percent price increases will not apply to a new vehicle.

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