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Microsoft begins to notify users of Windows 7 about the termination of support

Microsoft has started deploying an update for Windows 7 that will notify existing users when support is complete. The software maker stops supporting Windows 7 on January 14, 2020, and now it is starting to warn about this end date. Microsoft uses a notification to alert Windows 7 users, similar to the prompts the company used to get people to switch to Windows 7.

The end date of Microsoft support means that Windows 7 users will no longer receive security updates, and the company wants consumers to upgrade computers to Windows 10 instead. Although the notification does not mention Windows 10, Microsoft refers to the new Windows 7 site that encourages users upgrade your pc.

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced that these notifications would arrive in Windows 7, but the company says that they will be displayed "several times” during 2019. Notifications will stop as soon as Windows 7 support ends in January, or if you choose "do not remind again" in the notification. Microsoft’s previous Windows 10 notifications have annoyed many Windows users, and the company has clearly learned to respect what people want to hide.

Windows 10 is still approaching the goal of Microsoft - to install it on 1 billion devices. The Windows 7 update cycle will help push Windows 10 further, and it recently gave way to Windows 7 on the market earlier this year. Windows 10 now runs on over 800 million devices.

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