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More shrimp in Moscow



Shrimps are served with the author’s sauces “curry / coconut”, “tom-yum”, “blue cheese” and so on, as well as with crispy ciabatta and craft rye bread, which is convenient to scoop the sauce. The dish is available in two sizes: M (400 g) and L (700 g).

Scampi chef Yevgeny Pavlov, in addition to Far Eastern shrimp, also collected other dishes with fish and seafood on the menu. Among the appetizers and salads are salmon tartar with honey and tobiko caviar, dorado tiradito with tomatoes and avocado, Panzanella salad with grilled tuna.

On hot, you can squid with mashed potatoes, chukka and mushrooms; sea ​​bass in Ligurian; scallop with carrots and green peas, octopus in arabiat sauce with parmesan cream or homemade pasta.

For dessert, the chef offers an apple pie with sage ice cream and buckwheat popcorn and two twists for sweets that have been loved since childhood: Cookies & Cream (oreo cookies in the form of a sphere with vanilla ice cream, chocolate and berry sauce) and “Milk and honey” (honey crumble) with milk ice cream, delicate caramel and crispy milk foam).

The bar menu for Scampi was made by Marat Shataev. Now it presents 8 types of draft and more than 10 types of bottled beer. At the end of December, guests will be able to try five signature cocktails.

The interior of Scampi is made in the Nordic style with elements of velvet, concrete and natural stone.

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