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10-08-2019, 08:33 doc 39 0
    Before you upgrade your Mac desktop or laptop to macOS Catalina, which will arrive later in 2019, there’s something that you should consider first: if you use 32-bit apps, they won’t work on the new macOS update. When Catalina arrives later in 2019, it will support 64-bit apps
17-05-2019, 18:02 doc 624 0
    In recent years, Apple has had a few public embarrassment — AirPower, the unreliable MacBook keyboard, and the iPhone slowdown saga — but since the advent of the Antennagate technology scandal, when the iPhone 4 tended, it took a minute to reject calls if you kept it in a certain
8-05-2019, 15:36 doc 389 0
    I can tell you little about the new iMacs that you probably didn't know about yet. Apple has used the same design for both the 21.5-inch and 27-inch versions of the iMac since 2012, which is essentially an eternity in the technology world. The latest update, released this
1-04-2019, 14:39 doc 1 865 0
    Apple has already announced several product updates this week, but this may not yet have been done. IPod touch could be the next device to receive a hardware update, and, according to MacRumors, the seventh generation model could be announced tomorrow in a press release, as Apple
29-03-2019, 18:34 doc 309 0
    Of the many new products that Apple has announced over the last couple of weeks, none of them has been more hotly anticipated than the second-generation AirPods. Still, the new AirPods are the least new product introduced by Apple this month. The new AirPods look so much like
26-03-2019, 19:47 doc 356 0
    Tim Cook went on stage with a new sophistication, explaining why Apple services are different. Of course, they are intuitive, and the usual Cupertino bustle is in the details, but the important moment came at the end. "They are designed to ensure the privacy and security of your
21-03-2019, 08:11 doc 903 0
    When next iPhones will be presented next month, I will finally be able to give up my iPhone 6, on which I spilled water. (I was too cheap to pay for repairs.) I’m sure that I’m not alone, although you’re probably not as clumsy as I am. If you have an iPhone in the last year or three
19-03-2019, 12:27 doc 904 0
    Apple today returns iPad Air with a larger model. Along with the new iPad mini, Apple is launching a 10.5-inch version of iPad Air with support for the original Apple Pencil (not the second-generation Apple Pencil). This new model will work on the Apple A12 Bionic chip and will be
19-03-2019, 04:27 doc 3 191 0
    The report came from the supplier, which states that the screen size was not determined, but it can be increased to 10 inches. The vendor also notes that this year’s model may be announced along with an update for the iPad Mini, which is rumored to be similar to the previous
15-03-2019, 16:40 doc 4 524 0
    Apple announced the Worldwide Developers Conference 2019: June 3-7. At WWDC this year, we expect the usual: new versions of iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS and any other operating systems that you can think of. Apple’s slogan for this event: "Write code. A blow to the mind. As you can see