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4-03-2019, 14:13 doc 1 613 0
    Lionsgate films have released a couple of new trailers for the upcoming reload of Mike Minola’s classic Hellboy comic. The new trailers, the red-green band, give us a good overview of the plot of the film and give a much better feeling than the first trailer. The film is a
4-03-2019, 07:24 doc 168 0
    PlayStation Vita officially completed. Sony announced that it had ceased production of the last two models of portable game consoles on the Vita product page (via Polygon). Launched in 2011, Vita never gained worldwide popularity, falling victim to growing competition from
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    When you think about the weaknesses of the Mac platform, a couple of obvious areas come to mind. One is undoubtedly gaming. Despite the fact that Steam appeared on Mac in 2010, Windows remains in first place by the number of games released. Games that come up on macOS often work