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19-01-2019, 19:46 doc 769 0
    Over the past year, discussions about data privacy have flared up in Congress, and new federal legislation now seems inevitable. Today, a leading technology policy analysis center, supported by Google, Amazon and Facebook, has proposed a "big deal” with lawmakers, arguing that any
18-01-2019, 12:17 doc 757 0
      Honey, Bixby: Samsung is opening its 2019 line of televisions to other voice assistants. The company announced that users will be able to manage its upcoming QLED sets using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. But there is one catch: you have to provide an assistive device — be
17-01-2019, 16:17 doc 392 0
    It looks like the new $129 Smart Battery Case for the iPhone XS will support last year’s flagship iPhone X after all. Yesterday, it seemed like Apple was leaving its most dedicated customers out in the cold when the company announced the new battery case for the iPhone XS, XS
17-01-2019, 11:14 doc 572 0
    Compared to the previous couple, 2018 was relatively unprecedented for Samsung for 12 months. The company basically continued in the same vein, adhering to what has been working for the past few years, and it managed to avoid major product failures or new corruption scandals.
15-01-2019, 19:10 doc 395 0
  Apple says it wanted to use Qualcomm modems on the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR, but Qualcomm refused to sell them after Apple sued its licensing procedures. "In the end, they will not support us and will not sell us chips," Apple Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams said today in a speech to
15-01-2019, 16:25 doc 668 0
    Samsung's latest smart refrigerator is more proactive than the one you're used to. The company declares that it will solve problems and notify you through the application SmartThings. The new Samsung Family Hub 4.0 fridge will provide you with a more user-friendly interface, based
15-01-2019, 08:07 doc 309 0
    When next iPhones will be introduced next month, I will finally be able to give up my iPhone 6, on which I spilled water. (I was too cheap to pay for repairs.) I’m sure that I’m not alone, although you’re probably not as clumsy as I am. If you have an iPhone for the last or three
14-01-2019, 19:05 doc 551 0
    Samsung has announced a new feature for their TVs in 2019, which will allow people to control various devices, such as PCs, tablets and smartphones, from their TVs. The company claims that remote access allows users to connect certain accessories to the TV, such as a keyboard or
14-01-2019, 17:44 doc 499 0
    If we learned something from the soft sales of the Samsung Galaxy S9 in 2018 and the dramatically reduced Apple’s iPhone revenue forecast for the end of this year, it’s that most people who need a great smartphone already have it. In his letter to investors yesterday, Apple CEO Tim
14-01-2019, 17:06 doc 474 0
    Juice Pack Access, Mophie's newest iPhone battery case, introduces the company's first: Lightning open port. Mophie cases usually connect to the Lightning port of each iPhone, and that’s how it charges the phone. This new case leaves this port open, so users can plug in their