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19-07-2019, 09:45 doc 241 0
    The second half of 2018 will be remembered as a landmark time for the world of cameras, because Canon and Nikon, two of the most famous companies in the industry, are finally seriously engaged in mirrorless cameras. They both launched new full-frame mirrorless cameras with equally
16-07-2019, 10:50 doc 79 0
    The latest Blazer Stealth from azer has a new design, more power and some necessary improvements. These changes can turn the company's least interesting notebook into its most versatile. The Blade Stealth is the smallest, lightest, and inexpensive Razer laptop for as low as $
16-07-2019, 10:30 doc 76 0
    if you just look at the Acer Swift 5 laptop sitting on the table, you won’t get it. Its design is terribly boring. The screen is glossy and may not be as bright as we would like. This laptop would not seem to you especially thin or slim. But then you pick it up. The
3-07-2019, 17:10 doc 78 0
    Sonos One is what I would call an inevitable product. Sonos has always created excellent speakers, and if you have more than one, a company’s multi-room wireless audio system can fill your home or apartment with this first-class sound. The reputation of Sonos makes consumers to
3-07-2019, 06:33 doc 76 0
    Look, there are some things that will happen with this review that are out of my control. First, if you have ever seen the Doctor Who episode, or if someone even broadcast somewhere near you, you will say that this Bang & Olufsen speaker looks exactly like Dalek. If you need
3-07-2019, 05:54 doc 150 0
    Amazon Echo's smart speaker range is great for listening to music, but they are also extremely useful for controlling smart home gadgets with one voice. Therefore, it is not surprising that Amazon’s new Echo Plus uses intelligent home control with the ability to directly connect
1-07-2019, 11:51 doc 76 0
    In recent years, the tablet world has been little more than the iPad world. If you are looking for a tablet, it is likely that the iPad is what you need. The fall in iPad prices to $ 329 at the beginning of this year has further strengthened its position. But back, when the
1-07-2019, 07:13 doc 53 0
    When it comes to protecting your data, two-factor authentication based on SMS or applications using your smartphone is more secure than depending only on passwords. But it can also take a long time to set up and use. Hardware security keys provide a quick and convenient way to use
1-07-2019, 06:31 doc 62 0
    rule number one for off-line adventures: "Come back alive." This is a very good rule, but there are other important ones, including "Don't make your friends and family worry about you,” "Don’t get lost,” and other well-done chestnuts. Fortunately, there is a family of gadgets that
30-06-2019, 18:59 doc 79 0
    Nothing is more boring than a portable battery in the colorful and vibrant world of consumer electronics. These are thick, dense plates of lithium-ion cells that we carry, not because we want, but because we have to. So, if I tell you that a battery with a long service life is just