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27-06-2019, 19:37 doc 785 0
    In an ideal world, your smartphone becomes a Swiss army knife, solving dozens of different tasks that previously required special equipment. This could be your video camera, your heart rate monitor, and in the case of a drone Bebop Parrot - a flight controller. Such a massive
27-06-2019, 18:13 doc 62 0
    I spent some time at a drones conference organized by NASA last week, and it is becoming increasingly obvious that soon tens of thousands of companies will fly drones in the United States alone. Everything from real estate agents and insurance agents to traffic cops and wedding
27-06-2019, 07:04 doc 93 0
    Libratone is not yet a household name, but the Danish company of 30 people, based on the well-known audio Steinway Lyngdorf, hopes to literally change the look of portable speakers. In 2011, it grew out of ten employees, presenting its Lounge and Live AirPlay loudspeakers decorated
26-06-2019, 16:59 doc 110 0
    Google's smart speaker has become smaller. Home Mini, as you can tell from its name, is a smaller version of the Google Home speaker, which the company launched last year. It has all the same features as its larger predecessor, but at the same time it has a lower price: $ 49
17-06-2019, 15:24 doc 241 0
    Sonos One is what I would call an inevitable product. Sonos has always created excellent speakers, and if you have more than one, a company’s multi-room wireless audio system can fill your home or apartment with this first-class sound. The reputation of Sonos makes consumers to
15-06-2019, 07:26 doc 481 0
    For a company that makes a voice-activated assistant, it has become a desktop player to have a smart home speaker that uses it: Amazon Alexa debuted on the Echo smart speaker three years ago, now Google has a full set of home speakers that use Google Assistant, and the next one
14-06-2019, 07:23 doc 119 0
    For the past week or so I used a computer to work from the train, in the park and in the cafe. This is all quite normal, but what was unique this past week is that I did not have to connect to Wi-Fi or try to set up a hot spot on my phone, thanks to the built-in LTE connection of
14-06-2019, 06:52 doc 189 0
      The world of gaming laptops has never been better than this year the PC series. They're thinner than you'd expect, but they still have VR-enabled virtual GPUs, Intel Core six-core processors, and bright high-refresh displays. Prices for these laptops remain high, approaching
14-06-2019, 06:40 doc 212 0
    If you went to the past for five years and asked what the futuristic computer of 2018 will look like, then it is likely that someone will describe something very similar to the book Lenovo Yoga Book C930. It is a compact, small and decently powerful computer that has so many
11-06-2019, 17:53 doc 149 0
    When it comes to image sensors, it is customary to think that "the more the better." This can be seen on all types of cameras, from smartphones that combine computer photography with larger image sensors to improve quality, to interchangeability. objective SLR cameras and mirrorless